Eco.System is a private company founded in 2007 to design and produce special machines for the treatment of medical waste. Following the environmental emergency, Eco.System has developed new technologies and new plants for the transformation, recovery and treatment of hazardous medical waste at infectious risk, contributing to the maintenance of a healthier and safer environment and to the promotion of an eco-sustainable development.

Research and technological development activities have been carried out over the years since its establishment and materialized with the creation of a first certified and patented plant, which received positive opinions from competent organisms.

Our technology has been designed to handle a wide variety of regulated medical waste, including hospital and laboratory waste, medical waste, solid and liquid waste, human and animal pathological waste, sharp containers and hospital waste as well as any other waste listed in state and federal regulations as medical waste.

Eco.System machines are known for superior performance in terms of safety, speed, reliability and flexibility.

The company is divided into an office area dedicated to design, administration and sales and in a production area dedicated to the workshop.